Unlock an Easter Egg within the U2 3D Widget

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Despite the fact that their initial rise to success happened when I was a toddler, U2 has easily become one of my favorite rock bands. I was excited when I heard that U2 was coming out with U2 3D, a full length movie of one of their concerts. I was even more excited when I heard there was a U2 3D widget that uses the Clearspring platform.

If you’re like me and grabbed this widget the first time you saw it, go back and check it out again!!! There is an easter egg within the widget.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find the U2 3D logo in the upper left hand of the widget.
  • Click and hold on the logo for 3 seconds. A password box will appear.
  • Type in the password – u23d
  • Some behind the scenes video will appear.
  • Grab the widget and share it with your friends.

None of us at Clearspring knew there was an easter egg within the widget, until a few days ago. When we heard, we were all blown away.

This is such a great way to reenergize your widget campaign and get your users to view and share the widget for a second or third time.



While on the subject of widgets, we have our own available for readers here. You can add the U2exit.com news widget on your own web site or email to your friends.