U2 video shoot scheduled in Cadiz, Spain

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Translated from lavozdigital.es

From the Institute of Development, Employment and Training council of Cadiz, is intended to raise awareness of the immense possibilities of Cadiz as ideal location for the filming of audiovisual productions, as this is a sector of significant economic potential.

Guillermo Blázquez, Head of Locations of producing NLTH Film LTD of London, this council has requested permits for timely recording of a video-clip for the band U2, although the singers in the group will not come.
The shooting is a motorbike that part of Paris and ends in Tarifa (the motorcycle never circulated across the beaches).

The date will be the next day on July 23, hours 21.00 to 04.00 am of 24.
The sites chosen by the company as a stage are: environment Market streets, the Cathedral Square, Candelaria Square and other streets of downtown besides the Campo del Sur, the area Baluarte de San Roque and Avda. Fernandez Ladreda.

The team is composed of shooting 18 people, between players and technical team.
With the recording of this video clip is shown once again that Cadiz is a city increasingly defendant not only for this type of work but for the shooting of films like James Bond or Captain Alatriste, among many others.

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