U2 Donate $7.2 Million to Irish Schools

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U2 are contributing roughly $7.2 million toward funding for music education for children in Ireland. As reported by Bloomburg.com, the money will be donated on a phased basis through 2015, and will be used primarily for music equipment and salaries for music teachers. The donation comes in the wake of major cuts in the Irish government’s funding of education.

“While we have a very rich musical culture and heritage, access to music tuition is like a geographic lottery – it depends on where you live and it depends if your parents can afford it,” said Rosaleen Molloy, director of Music Generation, which is funded by U2 and international charitable network The Ireland Funds. “There is an assumption that music is being provided for in mainstream schools, while in the reality it is not. U2 had been looking for some time for a way to invest and support access to music education in Ireland. [They] wanted to give something back.”