Bono receives the Order of the Aztec Eagle

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Order of the Aztec Eagle

President Felipe Calderon may
deliver the medal to the Irish star during his visit to New York next
week for the United Nations General Assembly, Foreign Minister Patricia
Espinosa told reporters on Friday. But she noted that the singer has not yet confirmed the exact date for the medal ceremony, due to prior commitments. Espinosa said she spoke to Bono, who founded the global anti-poverty
group ONE to help fight poverty and disease in Africa, to inform him of
the decision. “He said that he feels very honored and very
pleased with this decision, and that Mexico is a country that he loves
and admires,” she said. Calderon, who leaves office on Dec. 1,
met with Bono at the presidential residence of Los Pinos last year to
thank the singer for expressing solidarity with Mexico over the
country’s drug violence during a concert in the capital. “Mexico
needs to know you are not alone and we are with you … you are not
alone in the darkness,” Bono told 93,000 fans at the Azteca stadium.