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Image by Clad63 – available in high-definition on his Facebook page

Posted by Pauline and translated by Florian

Do you have an opinion on U2 albums? Have a voice 🙂

Our ‘Ressources’ section gives access to an area called Album reviews in which each and every fan can share his opinion on one or more U2 albums. It’s an opportunity to tell others what you like – or not – on every album, and what you feel about songs.

You don’t need to be a graduate with a special U2 distinction 😉 In order to have a look at what a review looks like, you can for instance read posts by Chris and Lionel on Achtung Baby, or others on Pop and No Line On The Horizon.

English-speaking fans can also give us their opinion by heading to the English section of the Resources area, we’ll take care of the translation and then add it to the French version of the website. Same thing if you’re a French speaker: your review will be translated into English.

If you can’t find how to post your review or have any trouble writing it, do not hesitate to tell us so by adding a comment to this article or sending an email to Pauline.

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Thank you to Florian for translating the French reviews and to Clad for the artwork!