Rushdie and Bono Friendship Lasts

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the writer of “Santanic Verses” has many friends, including Bono. Joseph Anton
writes in his new memoir that Bono and Salman go back many years. The story
goes that Bono even offered shelter and support while he was under fatwa issued
by conservative Muslims in 1989.  Bono at
one time managed to smuggle Salman out of Ali’s mansion in Killney, Dublin to
head to the bar for a few pints, all this while his body guards unaware of his
departure.  Rushdie enjoyed the freedom
and was all too happy to drink a few pints of Guinness while enjoying the
conversation with Bono.

Zooropa tour Bono and the boys wanted to show support for Rushdie and extended
an invite to him during their London stop. The two became friends from that
point. Bono extending a hand out to Rushdie a few more times during which they
talked about Bono wanting to grow as a writer.

and Bono did collaborate on music. “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” was based on
an earlier novel by Rushdie.  Just this
past month Bono presented Rushie with GQ magazine’s Inspiration of the Year

provides the platform for the strangest of bedfellows.