I believe in God Do you U2

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The minute you throw
U2 into a conversation that includes faith and God folks come up with all types
of reasons to either agree or hate the idea. 
This holiday season we have a series that surely create conversation. Sarah
Hinlicky wrote an article sometime ago “I believe in God Do you U2” The article
will be the back drop for the series and we will share some excerpts from that article.

So, what does make Christian
music? Does it have to be written specifically for church, for liturgical or
devotional purposes, to fall into that category? Should it refer to Scripture,
quoting directly or alluding by imagery? Should it explicit purpose be to
evangelized? Where do you think U2 should fits into all of this ? This series will give you some insights to a different view. Your comments and views are welcome within this page or on our facebook site. Of course you can always jump on our forum page.