U2’s Bono On Celebrity, Jesus, Africa and More

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Bono1For the fifth year in a row CCC is hosting a site for the Leadership Summit. Every year the Willow Creek Association does the a great job of bringing in the best of the best on the topic of leadership. And one of the highlights of this year was an interview with Bono of U2. If I still have heroes I think Bono is one of them. I’ve seen U2 in concert three times and each time it was like a worship experience and Bono was the worship leader. He is absolutely the most engaging and charismatic performer I have ever seen. Crowds of thousands literally hang on his every word and gesture. It’s an amazing gift. Perhaps even more amazing than his concert performance was his interview with Bill Hybels that covered everything from celebrity to Jesus to Africa and more. The following are just a few of the quotes from the interview (I was typing as fast as I could so they are probably 95% accurate). If you saw the interview or are moved by any of the following I would love to hear your comments. I now give you Bono…

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