U2’s “From The Ground Up” Launched

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U2360° tour considered by many as the
most impressive or massive under taking to date by any group or artists;
shattering records both in audience attendance and revenues.  Can you imagine the logistical nightmare of
moving three identical sets around the world, which includes 150 trucks? Epic
Experience that is the way most fans described the show. U2 has just launched
for its fan club “From the Ground Up” as Paul described it “ This is the story
of U2’s biggest tour to date and biggest tour of all time.” The inside account
of 360° Tour takes fans on a journey from Bono’s kitchen table where he
imagines the new stage design to that final night of the biggest tour
ever.   The 260-page large format hardback
photo book with test by Dylan Jones and photography by Ralph Larmann is the ultimate
fan club gift. Dylan and Ralph provide fans a inside view of the 24 month tour.
  You cannot buy the book on amazon or any book
retailer you have to be a fan club member.  To add more motivation Edge threw in some
one-off, limited edition tracks from the tour.So, did you resign for the 2013 season? If so,
you could expect to see your copy arrive some time in December.  Once we get a copy in, we will share all of
the insider details with you. Until next time. Listen, Enjoy and Share.