NOLO Most Thoroughly Christian Project Yet

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Looking back over a body of work a theologian from Alabama, has classified No Line On The Horizon “It’s the most thorough Christian thing they’ve done yet”

“Like the last two albums, No Line is much more overt in its
Christian rendering of the world, what with lyrics like ‘Justified until
we die/You and I will magnify/Oh, the Magnificent’ from the album’s
second track,” commented Steven R. Harmon, an associate professor of
divinity at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham,

Bono/ U2/ 360 Tour

“Yet what qualifies this album as thoroughly Christian is not so much
its pervasive biblical/theological images as its overarching
eschatological vision” As quoted in the Associated Baptist Press.  The themes have got U2 ranked #41 on CCM list of greatest Christen music albums. The Joshua Tree was also included.

We of course know that all U2 songs do not have a Christian view however its hard to avoid the fact that most of the songs have a theme that keeps coming back and frankly seems to keep fans engaged.  The question of what’s next has most U2 fans asking for the band to return to their roots to draw on the past and recreate songs that give us back our youth.

Bono/ U2/ 360 Tour / Faith

The fact that if your truly a U2 fan you know that this is not possible. U2 has changed many times already. The evolved U2 has grown with us, moved us towards becoming adults with our own children and our own ideas of whats right for the world.

Yet the idea of looking back to those years drives us to scream RETURN to the past.  We all await this new project with some fear that the band may have created their last project and that we will all have to face the death of  U2. However if you look at U2 with the eyes of a Christian you know that you can’t have life with out death. Faith may have more to play with our fear of loss than our fear of change.