David Gray, Bono’s Sunglasses and Me

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Neil McCormick is running a gig for the small charity Moxafrica – that’s if he doesn’t have a nervous breakdown first.

Neil McCormick wearing Bono's sunglasses in 2003

Neil McCormick wearing Bono’s sunglasses in 2003 Photo: Martin Pope

By Neil McCormick

On Wednesday March 6, I am presenting a charity concert at the Islington Assembly Hall in London, featuring David Gray, The Magic Numbers, Gabriella Cilmi, David Ford, Bo Bruce and a few other musical friends and associates. Please buy a ticket and prevent an out-of-depth rock critic’s nervous breakdown.

I was not cut out for the life of a promoter. Indeed, I’m not sure anyone is. I was in bands for long enough in my younger years to know how fretful staging a gig can be, involving a huge advance effort in getting musicians, equipment and venue ready, with no guarantee that anyone will turn up and make it worthwhile. “Why do you think all promoters look permanently stressed?” a band manager sympathetically said to me, before adding, “You’re looking a bit peeky yourself, mate.”

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