Clayton,Hewson and Danger Mouse

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Adam and Ali have given us some insight to the future of U2
and its “sounding great” Adam stated in Spinner that the boys are in fact
working with Danger Mouse. “It’s a great team and feels very liberating at
the moment — anything goes. We have an abundance of riches, we could make
three or four different records and justify that to ourselves, but to make the
best record you can, you have to steer away from the ones you can make easily. We
are really trying to get into territory that we are not comfortable in. If that
makes sense…” Ali Hewson also shared some information on the record in an
interview with The Guardian. “They’re well down the road on the new album and it
sounds good,” Hewson said. “That’s all I’m saying.


And that’s all we are saying too…..