Beat Depression By Stop Drinking

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Adam Clayton

Adam has identified his drinking habit as the main cause of
‘suicidal thoughts’ which he battled during his early years with the
band. Adam has pleaded directly with young people not to ignore depression, and to seek out help if they are feeling down. He
has revealed that despite his comfortable upbringing and years of
superstardom with U2, he was prone to suicidal thoughts and depression. “I
am an ex-drinker and I am a very happy ex-drinker but before I got to
that point I had been through the whole process of suicidal thoughts,”
Clayton confessed. Clayton made the comments as part of the
National Walk in My Shoes day – a fundraising and awareness event for St
Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin. The money raised will go towards
providing mental health services to vulnerable young adults.

Text ‘shoes’ to 57802 to donate €2 or go to to donate or seek help with depression.