Larry’s “Back” Is Up To No Good!

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By joepit


Is anyone else wondering where Larry stands on sitting? Standing during performances of Invisible and not sitting on Fallon’s couch the other night has me wondering; how long has Larry had a weak back? It has to be longer than a week back, right? As U2 begin to regain some of their lost traction, Larry looks like he’d prefer to be in traction. I understand Bono’s bad back; he’s had the weight of the 3rd world, not to mention his ego, on his shoulders for decades, but Larry? What’s the next physical ailment awaiting U2, Adam’s rib? U2 creates some of the most spine tingling music in the game, but this may have proven too costly for Larry. If someone were to put Larry’s back up against the wall during Sunday Bloody Sunday, it looks as though it may Snap, Crackle & Pop about 12 vertebrae. Just the thought of back to back performances probably sends Larry into Spasm City. Being U2′s drummer, Larry has always been the “Cymbal” of fitness. Now it looks like the little old lady crossing the 8 lane highway on the voyage of discovery could kick his ass. Is surgery possible? I’m sure Larry’s “Mullen” it over. On a positive note, maybe this means Stand Up Comedy will finally make it into the rotation. Larry, I don’t want to work, I want to bang on a drum all day long too, but enough is enough. I hope I’m wrong, and I probably am, but just in case; I’m listening to Spinal Tap’s back catalogue for some good karma. Larry, take it from a guy who has a bad back and a worse front…get on …read more

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