THEM vs. US; Who Ya Gut?

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By joepit

“There is no them, there’s only US.” The Great Divide or unify until we die? Isn’t this the same concept Hitler tried to shove down the world’s gullet about 80 years ago? Has Bono finally embraced his inner commie? Has Karl “Marxed” his spot into U2’s Heartland? Was playing in Russia last go around part of U2’s sinister plan to take over the world with Putin?

What if I don’t like US? Most days, I barely tolerate myself. Me, myself and I aren’t even on speaking terms right now. If THEM become INVISIBLE, what are US going to do? Vision over visibility doesn’t mean squat if you can’t see THEM. I don’t want them, I NEED them. US needs THEM! What would the world do without THEM? WE need antagonists (them) like communism, corruption, famine, malaria, Bieber, yoga pant wearing 400 pound sweaty Betty’s, people who throw the letter “U” in words like favourite or colour, etc. THEM keeps US busy. I know some of YOU are saying; “I want to be ME, what about individuality or being unique?” Listen, individuality is fine, as long as WE all do it together.

Bottom line, THEM are necessary in our world. Don’t hate the haters. Embrace THEM! Because if WE don’t, THEY will and YOU don’t want to see what happens if THEY were to join THEM.

I’m pro noun! Hell, I’m even pro pronoun! Pronouns have been a huge part of U2’s success; A Day without ME, All Because Of YOU, All I want is YOU and U2 uses more “I’s” than the eyes can see. However, wouldn’t this world be a better place if we stopped thinking in terms of; them, us, we, …read more

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