Forget Logic, Follow your Passion – U2 360 Anaheim2 6.18.11

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By On the Road with U2 My musical journey of the past 22 years, on the road with U2 from the Zoo Tv tour to the 360 tour, has taken me to many places, introduced to me to great people, and taught me valuable life lessons. Of the 75 U2 concerts I have attended, the second show in Anaheim, California, on the last leg of the 360 Tour, is one of my favorites. Besides having a great set list, it taught me a crucial life lesson: Forget logic, follow your Passion. Actually, I already knew this one, but this show validated it for me.
I had always wanted to drive across the country, and I had always wanted to follow U2 on tour – the whole tour. That is exactly what I did in the summer of 2011. Unemployed and poor, I packed up my car and my dogs, and I left our house for almost three months, driving to every U2 show in the United States on the last leg of the 360 Tour. We drove over 18,000 miles through 31 states to get to all 16 U.S. shows. Some drives were tough, like Michigan to Miami, and Miami to Nashville, but none was more difficult than the 2,700-mile drive from California to Maryland. I had just three days to make it from the second Anaheim show to the Baltimore show.

Anaheim was the only city in the U.S. where U2 played back-to-back shows on that final leg of the 360 tour. I almost didn’t go to the second show because it was on a Saturday night, and I had to drive across the country to be at the show in Baltimore on Wednesday night. People tried to get me to skip the show to make the drive easier. I have always done what I wanted, though, …read more

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