U2′s Superpowers!

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By joepit Who hasn’t wished for magical superpowers? Bono & The Edge activating their Wonder Twin powers to untangle Spiderman’s web of despair was one thing, but I’m talking about true superpowers. Imagining that itch in your ear known as your boss disappearing permanently as you are staring at the sunset of his demise with a frosty cold one is nothing new, but what about the superpowers of our favorite foursome? Do they still have the superhuman ability to take their legion of doomsayers to new heights, or at the very least to the Apple store to purchase their new release, (whenever that may be)? Getting two hearts to beat as one is an impressive feat, but that was 30 years ago and most of their fandom is on the morphine drip now, while the organ donor team stands by, scalpel in hand. I’m first in line for the thing hanging in front of Adam’s apples, if you know what I mean. ;). Therein is the power and essence of U2′s music – it makes us feel like superheroes. Dragging that 3rd barrel of trash out to the curb at 5:30 in the morning, just so Garbage-man Gus can dump half of it in the truck and the other half on your lawn is a lot easier to stomach with U2 echoing in your brain. U2 puts the smiles on our faces when we are pretending to listen to our spouses. If you truly believe I was listening to my 7 year old’s story about his made up dragon and not simultaneously listening to Discotheque in my head, you don’t know me very well. I didn’t hear his story, he didn’t hear Discotheque playing in my head. It was a win/win situation. …read more

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