Video of Bono on the Jimmy Kimmel Show – News

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Bono performs a duet with Halsey (with Herbie Hancock on piano) about the 2016 year in review!

Afterwards, Bono is interviewed by Jimmy and talks about some of the great work (RED) does to fight AIDS, recalls riding a bike in Central Park with the winners of his Omaze experience last year and shares the details of the Omaze experience U2 is offering this year to help raise money for (RED).

Then, Julia Roberts talks about her friendship with Bono and discusses the Omaze experience they’re offering up to help raise money for (RED)’s fight against AIDS.

Finally, the people at Jimmy Kimmel Live created a special song for their special (RED) show to help the fight against AIDS. The song features Jimmy, Bono, Julia Roberts, Kristen Bell, DJ Khaled, The Killers, Channing Tatum, Neil Patrick Harris and Halsey.

Also, Bono reprised his role as Mephisto!

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Bono and More Stars Sing a Special Tune With Jimmy Kimmel

What’s a serenade without a few stars? Jimmy Kimmel’s audience got some unforgettable entertainment Thursday night from Hollywood’s finest, including Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts, Bono, and Neil Patrick Harris, who were gathered around the piano during the host’s recurring (RED) episode to raise awareness and money for AIDS. While sipping on martinis and clad in […] …read more

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U2101 – Breathe

I still remember the week building up to the release of No Line On The Horizon. I was, of course, neck-deep in U2, excitedly following the news, and downloading and listening to each and every one of their promotional appearances. It was one of those promotional appearances – I think the one from February 23, […] …read more

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Thank You, Achtung Baby!

Someday I’ll write my full U2 story, as some of you have done so beautifully – but for right now, I’ll just write the part that involves Achtung Baby. Not just because it’s the 25th anniversary of this incredible album, but also because it’s the most important part of my U2 story. It’s the part […] …read more

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