U2’s giveaway reveals how they hit the big notes


There’s still money to be made in the rock’n’roll game. While the music industry narrative of late has been about losses due to HMV’s woes and disruption to the dominant players caused by technology, Paul McGuinness reminded us this week of the rewards which await the more successful acts.

The U2 manager, speaking at an event for music education charity Music Generation on Monday, said the band had donated the €5 million profits from their three Croke Park shows in 2009 to the charity.

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From the ground up

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS & MUSIC From The Ground Up: U2.com Music Edition brings you the inside track on U2360° – the stories, the photos, the music. Presented in a bespoke, wrap-around sleeve, the large-format hardback book opens to reveal FOUR exclusive l…

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Peter Rowen in the eye of U2France

Peter Rowen is the child, now a man of 37 years, who’s featured on the cover albums Boy, War, the best of 1980-1990, and Three. He is also the younger brother of Guggi, a childhood friend of Bono, but above all he’s a photographer and a U2 fan who has …

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