A little over twenty years ago, at a time when Zooropa was the most recent album that U2 had released, if you had asked me what my favorite U2 song was, I’d have told you “Dirty Day”. I knew and enjoyed “Bad”, “With or Without You”, “All I Want is You”, and all the rest […] …read more

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U2101 – A Day Without Me

Since my head is still spinning with the release of the first single from Songs of Experience, I thought that today I’d focus on another lead single. We’re going all the way back to 1980 here, and the release of the lead single from U2’s very first album. The song was titled “A Day Without […] …read more

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How U2’s Joshua Tree Tour Takes On Trump – News

U2, Live at New Era Field, Buffalo, September 5, 2017.jpg

Written by James Viator, A freelance writer

Back in September of 2016, it looked like U2 was going to announce itself as a powerful voice of opposition to then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Granted, this would be a fair expectation for anyone who knows the inclusive and generally liberal views of Bono and the band. But at the iHeart Radio Festival, U2 made a bold statement, blasting Trump with the simple question, “what do you have to lose?” accompanied by some video content. Clearly referring to the possibility of a Trump win, Bono declared the answer to that question to be “everything.”

It’s worth putting this performance in context. The concert was on the eve of the first presidential debate, when Hillary Clinton had a lead and many expected it to widen as she got the opportunity to expose Trump’s policy ignorance face-to-face. For the most part, over the course of the next month and three debates, Clinton would do just that – and her lead in the polling did indeed increase. By late October, about a month after U2’s performance, many were predicting a landslide, and even notoriously cautious bookmakers declared it a done deal that Clinton would win the …read more

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September 22, 2017 – San Diego, California, USA – SDCCU Stadium – Tours

Opening Act(s): Beck


  1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  2. New Year’s Day
  3. Bad – America (Simon and Garfunkel)
  4. Pride (In the Name of Love)
  5. Where the Streets Have No Name – California (There Is No End to Love)
  6. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
  7. With or Without You
  8. Bullet the Blue Sky – War – America (Stephen Sondheim)
  9. Running to Stand Still
  10. Red Hill Mining Town
  11. In God’s Country
  12. Trip Through Your Wires
  13. One Tree Hill
  14. Exit – Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
  15. Mothers of the Disappeared
  16. Encore(s):

  17. Miss Sarajevo
  18. Beautiful Day – Heathens
  19. Elevation
  20. Vertigo – Rebel Rebel
  21. You’re the Best Thing About Me
  22. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
  23. One – Drowning Man


U2’s final concert of the 3rd leg of the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 happened tonight in San Diego, the first time the band has played there in over 12 years. U2 performed “You’re the Best Thing About Me” in an all-acoustic rendition, as Bono dedicated the song to his wife Ali who was in the audience. The next show, occurring on October 3 in Mexico City, will take place despite the damage from the earthquakes that have been occurring there for the past month.

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