The Blackout, Wiretags and bonking music

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Wed, 1 Jul 1998 13:43:28 +1000

G'day Wire,

I was watching a movie called 'The Blackout' with Matthew Modine, Dennis
Hopper & Claudia Schiffer last night, when the familiar sounds of 'Miami'
appeared - twice : -). The song was perfectly fitted to the movie (if you
see it you'll find the words could almost have been written for the movie).

Sorry to be such a pain, but I lost the link to the Wiretag page, could
someone please email me with the link.

Bonking music, it's hard to pick, especially when so many songs have
different moods to them.
For seducing: IYWTVD, The Playboy Mansion, WOWY, Dirty Day, Mysterious Ways,
IGWSHA, Trip Through your Wire
Raunchy/go hard: EBTTRT, Zooropa, Numb, NYD, Mofo (Phunk Force Mix), BTBS,
I'm Sorry: Love is Blindness, So Cruel, The First Time, Please, One

I love how so many U2 songs are progressive, starting off slow and ending
with a bang (pardon the pun! lol)


You've got that ring of confidence ~ Zooropa

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