My Popmart anniversary

[email protected]
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 00:18:01 EDT

It's 12:05 am which makes it offically July 1 which
makes it officially 1 year since Popmart Foxboro,
MA, my first live U2 experience. I can remember
the day so well. It was warm and sunny. I remember
the car ride to Foxboro...every radio station was playing
a U2 song, getting me more than excited. I remember
arriving at the stadium, seeing the Popmart stage from
the outside. I remember walking to our seats, further
and further towards the stage, showing the security
guards our tickets at each new section, until we ended
up 13th row. I remember the lights dimming and the
crowd screaming. I remember feeling my stomach filled
with butterflies as the band walked onto the stage. I
remember all of these moments so well... How can it
possibly have been a year already? I'll keep this day
in my memory forever. To all of you who went to Popmart
Foxboro on July 1, 1997, let's celebrate!!!


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