U2 in the classroom...again

Shary :- ([email protected])
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 00:43:21 -0700

I recently had to write a narrative for my Philosophy of Education
class that answered the questions: "How did I come to believe to be
"me", "real", and "right" and "beautiful. If you're familiar with
philosopy you'll recognize that these questions pertain to ontology,
epistomology and axiology.
  I got an A on it and in it I mentioned how U2's music had helped me
gain answers to these questions by giving me something universal to
relate to. Anyway, my professor is now curious and wants me to suggest a
CD for him to listen to as his son has mentioned U2 to him as well. He
uses a lot of mixed media and a variety of art/musical/literary pieces
to help in his lectures. How "provocative" that he might use U2 in his
future lectures! ;>
  Anyway, I think I'll give him an audio bootleg of a concert so he can
also witness the "passion" in their performance- a major draw for many
of us in addition to their musical content.
   If anyone is curious about my 7 page paper...let me know. :) Shary

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