The Beat Goes On

Steve Glaznieks ([email protected])
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 21:49:19 +1100

G'day Wirishfolk,

Some time ago someone posted a question about a song called "The Beat Goes
On" which was supposedly written by our man Bono. Well, I'm probably
showing my age a bit here but it was a hit back in the 60's for Sonny &
Cher, so the Bono listed as the person who wrote the song would've been
Sonny Bono. Basically it was the biggest hit for Sonny & Cher other than "I
Got You Babe". It was a hit again here in Australia in the early 80's when
it was covered by some band called The Globoes or something like that.

Fortunately the passage of time and the consumption of much alcohol has
dimmed my memory sufficiently so that I can't remember much more than a line
or two, something about "drums keep beating a rhythm to the brain, la dee da
dee dee, and the beat goes on". That's about it.

Steve G.

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