make your own U2 slideshow screensaver!

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Wed, 1 Jul 1998 08:58:29 -0400

Wire gang,

     Thanks to Deseree for the link to the U2 slideshow screensaver
freeware yesterday (or was it Monday? it's already a long week. . . )

     But, even cooler, from that site, I found a site that will let you
download (again, free) a program to create your own slideshow, using your
own pics (jpegs and bmps). So, now I've got 'bono in the bubblebath', 'bono
in a towel on a spiral staircase', 'bono with his red guitar from R&H' -
getting the theme? :-)

here's the address for the make-your-own-slideshow:

now, go out there and get creative!

Teresa in Richmond

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