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Wed, 1 Jul 1998 10:14:32 EDT

my dearest wire,

in response to Craig's post:

What does everyone think? Is Bono a big hormone freak, sex maniac who
cheats on Ali while he's on the road?? Thought I'd throw that one in.

     a while ago, one of the football coaches that I work with (I am a
trainer) nearly brought me to tears with a story about Bono's umm...
extracurricular activities. He claims that years ago while attending college
in Michigan, he went to an early U2 show. He said that a girl he knew was
pulled up on stage, and was flirting with Bono. Then he accused Bono of being
"a bit too affectionate" for someone who is married. And she claimed to have
had umm... <I shed a tear> "a bit of fun"... with him after the show. :-(
I yelled at the poor man for weeks after this discussion took place, and still
will not allow myself to believe it. I swore up and down that Bono would
never cheat on Ali, but the coach provided a good case. And this man is
extremely honest. It makes me want to weep every time I think about it. I
just hope that he was drunk and had unclear memories, the girl lied, and or he
was simply teasing me to a cruel point because he is aware of my obsession.
Nevertheless, I was scarred.
Let me know what you all think.

~up for air to swim against the tide~

p.s. I have faith in Bono's faithfullness.

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