u2 questions & stuff...

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Wed, 1 Jul 1998 11:01:17 -0400

Hey, WIRE!

I have some questions about our favorite Irish group so I figured that I should
come to the experts.

First of all, how many albums has POP sold? I thought it was over 5 million,
but after reading the article in the Star Tribune (BTW, it was quite
interesting), a figure of less than 2 million was given. Is that just the
amount of albums sold in the US, or is the press once again making up numbers?

Secondly, where can I get the song My Wild Irish Rose? I love it!! Clearly
one of the most beautiful works ever written.

Finally, just some general comments: I get home from work yesterday, flip on
the stereo. And what do I hear, but Heartland. I had forgotten what a lovely
song that was. It doesn't stop here, however; as I was having dinner with
friends at some little bar, a remix of NYD came on. I just seem to get a glowy
feeling whenever I hear U2 on the radio. Ya know? As for bonking music, well
Achtung Baby is DEFINITELY an appropriate choice. You can feel (maybe even
literally, hmm?) the longing in all of the songs, not to mention lust!

Thanks for listening and your help is greatly appreciated!

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