Ramblings of a Babyboomer.....

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Wed, 1 Jul 1998 12:29:09 -0400

Hi Wirefriends,

Robbie wrote:

>"I think we're dealing with a whole lot of baby boomers going to
>easy listening type shows you'd expect most middle aged music fans
>to go to."

Which I agree with to a certain extent. However, as a 37 year old, late-era

baby boomer myself, I feel the operative word in Robbie's statement must be

"most", definately not all! *wink* Personally, I cannot imagine going to a
Shania or Skynard show. Let's not generalize about all people over a
certain age.
After all, U2 are all 37 and 38 year old late-era baby boomers, too, and
they are
certainly not ready for the easy listening bone yard yet, are they?!! =o))

Thanks for letting me add my $0.02 worth. Now, where the heck did I leave
cane and where's my rocker gotten to......?? hehehe

Have a lovely, lemony day, peoples!

Peace, love and all that heavenly stuff,
Di (who's off to take some Geritol)

"I don't think there is alot of rock and roll about. I see rock and roll as
emotional, sweaty thing." ~Bono~


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