UF tape?? and CDRS

Snoop U2 ([email protected])
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 18:10:01 EDT

   Hello everybody!

    I was looking through some second hand music stores yesterday and I
came across a copy of UF on tape. Sure, great, it's a tape, it has the
same code (ISLC-1011) as the rest, but the cover looked weird. It's
different then the regular UF cover. It had the 4 guys in a 3/4 profile
with the famous castle in the background. The picture took up most of
the cover, was wide and the writing "U2 Unforgettable Fire" was written
on the bottom. Was this something special or just an older copy that I'm
not familiar with?
     I also saw the original October cds with the older code, you know,
something like CID lalala. Is this a bit rare or something very
interesting that I should get?
     I'd appreciate any info! (please send it to my email address
please). Thanks!


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