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Celeste Romero Cano. ([email protected])
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yersterday Nico wrote:

>yeah I remember seeing her get on stage..and a few of us looked at each other
>like who is that?? and she has a WIRE tag on??? we never found her after
>that....but what I want to know is I heard that the girl during the 3rd night
>show in BA payed off or either begged one of the camera people to get on stage
>and she did and I will tell U..I have NEVER seen Bono kiss a girl like he
>kissed her....I was in shock..they were havin at it with full tongue action..I
>was like..oh no..I cant on no
>anyone know who the 3rd night girl was? was she on WIRE? shes one SUPER lucky

Hola Nico!

The Buenos Aires girl from the 1st show was Andrea, from Chile (Pop Mart feb.5th, 1998)
The 2nd night Juliana López Wallace was the lucky girl who went on stage. She is a wireling, actually
her boyfirend is into it. And she had a wiretag, which appeared in the video.(feb. 6th)
And for the girl who KISSED Bono on feb.7th night, her name is Marcela Porto and she is not a
wireling. Juliana and Marcela are friends of mine, specially Marcela who is producing a radio
program called Zoo Station, which will be aired on next friday for the very first time. This program
will be completely about U2, it's the only way to get U2 on the radio!
What a kiss! Firstly, Bono outlined her lips with his fingers, and then he kissed her for a while,
with tongue action and everything (wow!)
But she didn't pay or begged to reach on the stage, the story was quiet different...
In Bonos Aires, here were a fenced area close to stage where only the winners of a
radio contest could get in. For the night of feb.6, Juliana and Marcela were together, with
others friends more. Bono pointed to Marcela to join him to stage, but Juliana fainted
and when the security guys were helping her and took Juliana almost by the stage, she
jumped and invade the scene. The rest is history.
On the next show, the last one in my city, I found Marcela's sister who told me
about last night, and that Marcela spent the night crying and refusing to assist to
this concert. But one hour before the show begun, I found Marcela at the Greenpeace
booth. She was like a zombie, she was pale, her eyes were tired of crying, she didn't move
I almost shouted in her ear : This is the last night! We've waited for 10 years, so
wake up! When I asked her about the behaviour of Juliana, she said: I don't know,
don't blame her. Maybe I would do the same thing. But Bono choose me, I felt
his look and I knew.
The sad thing was that I tried to take Marcela with me and my friends to the VIP's
area, but was impossible to get through the security guys. I said firmly to the security
fellow: Look, it's the both of us who will get in this place, or none! I looked at the guy
braverly, doing an ' I'm perforating your brain' look; but it clearly didn't provoke the desired effect
as the guy only yawn. Marcela said: you go, don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I replied: No
way, I'm gonna stay with you!. Finally, the security man catch the drama scene and told me
that as soon as the show beguin and the lights went off, he will let Marcela get in. *Deal.*
And on that night, Bono pointed at Marcela again ... so she went on stage, and kissed
the Bonoman a piaccere. She wasn't a zombie anymore, she was really alive, you bet!
The same radio station which organized the ticket's contest, gave to Andrea, Juliana and
Marcela a free Pop Mart in Chile, so the girls made together a trip to Santiago
and even share the same suite at the Sheraton Hotel. There, Juliana and Marcela
became friends again and the sad scene of feb.6th was forgiven by Marcela.
I love Juliana and Marcela as well, they are good friends of mine. But what would
you do if your friend steal your chance to live your dream? I don't know if I would
had the nobility of Marcela to forgive Juliana, and I don't know if I wouldn't do the
same thing that Juliana did no matter what!
What would you do? Hm?

Hasta la vista!


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