Radio..Video...NOW POPMART PHOTOS for sale..

Lorilee Whittington ([email protected])
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 11:04:31 +0800

Firstly in reference to my post about the boots...I was just commenting
on my desperate need to obtain the Perth (rumoured) and Sydney (does it
even exist) VIDEO'S.....

I anyone has either of these I wouyld be glad to take a copy off your
hands.. :))))

Secondly....The Photos on my page are now obtainable, for a very small

If you want them mail me and we shall talk it over....Basically if your
in the US they are $1 US each, send money and self adressed
envelope.....Pleaase email me first though so I can work out which ones
you want to order etc....

The only photos for sale are the ones in my PHOTO ALBUM...

For those that know me you know where to go...For those that dont...

Pop Aholics anon...

Love Lorilee

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