OH MY GOD! I just found out were ALL Heathens!! & I need them boots man!

Marlene Toledo ([email protected])
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 07:44:37 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Wirelings!
Don't worry there's U2 content in here...somewhere ha
It's been a while since I posted to WIRE and haven't
read it in a while either. With graduating from
college, finding a job & now a new full-time job
life's been kinda hectic. But it's about time I posted.

First of all to Frank Sullivan who said:
"In fact, the same should be
true for all here who claim to be Christians, for the
bible clearly
states that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom
of heaven. That may
sound extremely strict, but I'm not making this up.
Now, as a Christian,
I find it insulting to see so many people turn their
backs to god and
the bible and to see them do exactly what they feel
like doing, e.i.
posting immoral, disgusting posts that serve only to
annoy guys like
Mark. It really doesn't have any place on the Wire."

Just like everyone interprets every U2 songs meaning
differently the same can be said about the bible. I
really take offense to people preaching at me about
morals!! I REALLY HATE what that other guy said about
gay people but hey it's his opinion & he's got a
right to it. If U don't like it skip it don't read
it. Don't get me wrong just the same Frank has a
right to believe in what he believes in. But if U're
gonna preach the bible remember that it also says
love thy neighbor...not love thy neighbor only if
he/she isn't gay! And BTW just because we believe in
gay rights,etc. things that U may find immoral
doesn't mean that we have "turned our backs on god"
Excuse us for actually following what the bible
teaches about caring for our fellow man/woman. And as
far as I recall (from my Catholicism classes when I
was actually awake Tee-hee!) God loves all his
creatures. And if U're gonna put us all down for such
things why do you even bother liking U2. I mean isn't
this the same group that did a video in *GASP*
(sarcasm) DRAG & has been to clubs where there were
Drag Queens & hung out w/them. And belives in
PRO-CHOICE. Isn't that immoral to U! And what about
Bono's jirating his hips towards the camera. OH MY
GOD!! IT's enough to make U want to go to confession
for just thinking about it! *GASP* (more sarcasm)
Bono is constantly showing he hasn't lost his
religious side by always putting god into a song or
album. But by doing all these other things is he NOT
"turning his back on god" in your eyes! Frank man
take a chill pill don't take the bible sooooooo
seriously. If we did we wouldn't do anything! And if
U're trying to tell me that U don't EVER Sin because
you're a "CHRISTIAN" then let me be the 1st to
nominate U 4 sainthood! Well that's my 2 cents on that.

No on to more U2 stuff.
Since I just got a full-time job making REAL $$
WOO-HOO! Then I can start up my boot collecting
again. As of yet I only have tapes that I have bought
off of people or tapes that I have teaded w/other
wirelings. But I'm looking to buy CDs. Not just
second hand copies. And am looking for "legit"
(oxymoron I know) boot stores. I have seen Kiss the
Stone & it looks okay but I want to make sure so have
U guys anything 2 say about them. Plus tell me any
websites that I might buy from. Need more stuff to
add to the U2 shrine! =0)

Many thanx!

Ms. Spanish Eyes,

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