"Hey the Achtung Baby cc that's in the foldy box" & I quote!

Marlene Toledo ([email protected])
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 10:10:41 -0700 (PDT)

Hey IT's me again! Makin up for lost times I guess.

Kimiko asked:
Hey the Achtung Baby cc that's in the foldy box, what
is it? Like why
did they make it and stuff? I had to buy a
replacement Achtung Baby cd
since Ultra Violet no longer plays and I bought this
one in the box.

Well as far as I know the reasoning behind this as we
all know our guys are very PRO-PLANET. (i.e. Green
Peace) And this kind of packaging is supposed to be
better for the planet. I think it's biodegradable
and/or made of recycled material. A couple of
different groups have done this the Compilaton Cd
Alternative NRG is also in this kind of packaging
(BTW U2 is on that too!). This version is the only
one that I own. It's much nicer IMHO than the plain
ol' plastic jewel box. Well I hope that helps.
Ms. Spanish Eyes,

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