a second wire? (please read:)

Lee Barnes ([email protected])
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 13:19:33 -0500

HEy wireland,

a while back someone mentioned something about having two different
wires. one for posts and the other for commercial annoucments n'stuff
(like 'i want this boot!'). i think now that i agree. i mean like, all
this stuff does is clutters up the wire. does anyone actually, on a
*regular* basis, read them? not only would doing this unclutter the
wire, but decrease the download time of the digest from one's email
server. of course you could still subcribe to the "commercial" digest.
i think that this is really something to consider. what does everyone
else think??? thank you for your time.

the lemon fresh fan,

Lee "Hawkeye" Barnes

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