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Hi ya'll,

I'm not sure how stupid this questions is going to sound, but anyway. Was
the music played before the concert, you know when you were sitting round
just about dying because the stage with the mega lemon and bloody huge
screen was actually in front of you, and time was going to SO slowly, and
you were going psycho because you were so excited! yeh well, was that music
picked by U2(or anyone closely related) or did the stadium organisers pick

As for this whole Bono and Ali thread ... As if it is any of our
business!!!! It is their *PRIVATE* life!

Here's a couple of quote's I found. You've probably all read them before,
but anyway.

BP Fallon: 'What would you like to have that you don't?'
Adam: 'Naomi Campbell'
Edge: 'A clone. A clone with good timing so I could send him off to do the
things that I can't do.'
Larry: 'I would like to play the guitar'
Bono: 'Feet. My legs just seem to end.'

'I used to find it uncomfortable to be around a lot of things. Then I found
these goggles. I put them on and I found that I could go anywhere.' -Bono,
on The Fly.

'Bono, if you still haven't found what your looking for, look behind the
drum kit.' - Boy George.

I'm listening to The Unforgettable Fire at the moment. Man I love that song,
especially the line
'so sad to besiege your love so head on.'
It get's me everytime!

Thanks for reading!

Hel :o)

'If you find something good share it with anyone you can find. In that way
the goodness will spread, no telling how far it will go.' -Forest Courter.

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