Re: Good for U2!!!

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 21:56:36 -0700

Lilith wrote:
> but Bono's giving him the finger was certainly a rather immature
> act from a man in his mid-thirties who is the father of two.

Bono? Immature! An immature rock super-star front man? way!
hehehehe <cough...gasp!> hahahaha!
Bono's discription of U2: "Three men and a baby." :)

> PS: My traditional dig at the gay-disapproving Christians on the list:
> sure the bible has passages in it saying "if a man lay with another man
> like a woman, then it is an abomination" (I paraphrase), but why are we
> to take that passage to mean homosexuality is what is being disapproved
> of? Maybe it is only saying men shouldn't lie with other men while
> _dressed up_ as women. You know how dangerous those spike heels are.

Most of these people get their interpertation of this Bible passage
(Leviticus 18:22 - cf 20:13)from religious authorities that have their
own agendas and have no knowledge of the origional language of the Bible.
Let just say they didn't translate it themselves and don't know sh*t
about Jewish codes. "Abomination" (TO'EBAH) is a technical cultic term
for what is ritually unclean, such as mixed cloth, pork and sex with a
woman during her period. It's not about a moral or ethical issue.
This Holiness Code (chapters 17-26) proscribes men "lying the lyings
of women." Such mixing of sex roles was thought to be polluting.
But both Jesus and Paul rejected all such ritual distinctions
(cf. Mark 7:17-23; Romans 14:14,20) The "Fundamentalist Journal"
admits that this Code condemns "idolatrous practices" and "ceremonial
uncleanness" and concludes: "We are not bound by these commands today."

So, they knew about the danger of spike heels in bed;)
But it don't count anymore anyway. It went the way of the rules against
eating pork when applied to Christians and, technecially, it's no big
deal in the Jewish religion either.
It's only a big deal to certain poorly educated religious leaders that
want to promote hate in a religion that is suppose to be based on The
Rule of Love. These are the same types that used religious scriptures to
defend slavery in the past. At least they're not off their rocker enough
yet to bring that up again :p


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