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Queen Bee ([email protected])
Fri, 3 Jul 1998 06:01:44 -0700 (PDT)

Howdy-ho, Wirelings!

This whole Christians vs. non-Christians thing comes up now and again
on Wire. What we all need to remember is that moderation is key. All
Christians do not hate all non-Christians, and vice-versa. I am
Catholic, but, contrary to popular opinion, all Catholics do not hate
everybody. I do not hate everybody. It is ok to disagree with
someone and think what they do is wrong. It is not ok to go around
bashing them for it. This goes for everyone, tolerance is not limited
to any one religion, race, ethnic group, sexual orientation, etc, etc,
etc. I'll stop here before I get into some huge non-U2 oration but
you all get the idea.

Now for some U2 content. For anyone who has not heard Edge's song
"Heroine," performed by Sinead O'Connor, I highly recommend it. I
bought Celtic Moods (a great album!) and I put "Heroine" on repeat
play all the time. As if you cared.

YKYAWW you start seeing "U2" in other peoples' print shirts, and keep
writing 'U2' instead of US when writing to a pen pal...heh heh heh.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone! (That goes for non-Americans,
too!) :-)

Queen Bee w (V)
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