Remastered Rock's Hottest Ticket CD-R

U2Fan ([email protected])
Fri, 3 Jul 1998 10:30:42 -0400

Hope everyone (in the US anyway) is having a great holiday weekend! We
really need more holidays in the US.

Anyway, I've just finished remastering the Rock's Hottest Ticket 2 cd set.
This show is Chicago, April 29, 1987 (2 discs).

 It was remastered from the original pressed 2 cd set to remove the tape
hiss, which I've always felt was the one downfall of the set, but until now
I couldn't do anything about it. The softer songs like Mothers of The
Disappeared always agitated me with that soft hiss in the background. Call
me obsessed if you want. Tape hiss can make or break a set IMHO. Otherwise
the sound was not touched (the eq was already near perfect). It now sounds
excellent at high volume with the hiss gone.

If anyone would like to trade for it, I'd be happy to. I'm extremely
interested in the following (cd-r's only please, no tapes sorry)

The Melbourne gig (Anybody have this to trade on cd-r? I'd prefer a copy
from the original disc from Danny, not a compilation of the files on the

The Vote Yes Gig from ireland this year

Any Australia shows(except Sydney)

Any Pre-Zoo shows with excellent audience or better sound (please list
several to trade though as I already have quite a few older shows)

If you have nothing to trade, you can arrange to buy the remastered Rock's
Hottest Ticket set if you want (on 2 Verbatim cd-r's with color inserts).

I've also remastered Popdream Believer, The New Years Concert, Popmart Las
vegas, Popmart Chicago 6-28-97 and Rockpalast '83 (great!) if anyone is
interested in any of these let me know.

Well, have a great weekend and drive carefully,

PS> If anyone is curious, the discs were remastered with Cool Edit 96 at
48,000 kHz, 16 bit, stereo. There was no loss in amplitude(volume) or
sound quality during the remastering.

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