2CD "Future in your hands" CAPETWON 16/3/98

Vito Mona ([email protected])
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 07:45:06 -0700

Hello Wire-lings...

I have this U2 CD for sale:

2CD “Future in your hands”

CD1 1.Intro (Pop Muzik) 2.Mofo 3.I will follow 4.Gone 5.Even better than the real thing 6.Last night on heart 7.Until the end of the world 8.New year's day 9.Pride 10.I still haven’t found what I’m looking for/Stand by me 11.Bad 12.Staring at the sun 13.Sunday bloody sunday

CD2 1.Bullet the blue sky 2.Please 3.Where the streets have no name 4.Intro (Lemon Remix) 5.Discotheque 6.If you wear that velvet dress 7.With or without you 8.Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me 9.Mysterious ways 10.One

Recorded live in Capetown, Stadium 16/3/98.

for further details email me.



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