Re: PLEASE - Orange order stay home

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 11:17:35 -0700

Steven Davis wrote:
> Let's all cross your fingers and pray that these people do not march
> tomorrow. its the same crap every year. Why are they asking for trouble
> just to keep some tradition alive. They are ignoring the peace
> agreement. leave the catholic neighborhoods alone. It will be a violent
> protest. Let's all hope that they get up off their knees. PLEASE
> Steve
> POPdude97

I don't know if your writing from Ireland or some other country,
you might know more about the Orange order than I do, but the
impression I've always had is that the whole marching thing
has very little to do with keeping a "tradition alive" and
everything to do with provoking violence and hate. I've always
viewed it in the same light of the KKK's love of marching through
black or Jewish neighborhoods. They use to do that a lot, to
intimidate the people they hated. Thank God they don't do that
much anymore :) When they try it now, they usually get literally
trashed by other white, non-jewish people:)
Too bad something can't happen like I heard happen in Austin, TX
a few years ago. The KKK decided to march in the state capital of
Texas for some reason. They had to bus in KKK members
from other states to find enough to make up an impressive enough
march. Since they had to get a premit to hold a parade like that,
everybody knew it was coming a long time in advance.
Somebody arranged a very nice, peaceful response to their march.
During the march, at a prearranged signal, several thousand
spectators turned around, bent over and dropped their pants:)


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