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Otto Kitsinger ([email protected])
Sat, 4 Jul 1998 12:27:07 -0700

> Revista Fondo y Forma ([email protected])
> Sat, 04 Jul 1998 14:27:11
> I know that he was with some problems, but I have been waiting like 6
>months for my photos.
> Does anyone know what¥s up with Otto ?
> I e-mail him but I didn¥t get any response from him I went to his home
>page and the e-mail address is :
> [email protected]
> Hope respond soon Otto to all the people.

For Victor -

I only know who this is because your name is buried in the next message on
WIRE; you have never written to me from this address and you didn't sign
this one. If this is you, I have tried to reply to the address you usually
write from; it always bounces. Try writing me directly from this address.
First, it's not been six months; your package arrived the 15th of May, less
than two months ago. Thanks for paying attention. Second, it's being
returned to you; I can't accept trades on "D" grade tapes. If you think
that's unusual, ask WIRE - I've NEVER seen a trade that wasn't on TDK SA or
Maxell XL-II or higher. Shows on D tapes sound like they were recorded on
an answering machine.

For everyone else who has ordered -

While I tried to write back to Victor, but I AM still far behind; I
answered 140 yesterday, leaving 200 U2-related ones to deal with. Here's
the status: all photos have been printed (or in the case of the massive
lab screwup of two weeks ago, reprinted - grrr) and sorted and packaged and
will be out in Monday's mail, except for one trade and two gift sets to
Australia - they will be out Wednesday. (If you guys still read WIRE you
know who you are and I'll write when I send them.) Thank you all for your
understanding. The stuff with my father still stinks -- it's a legal mess
and I'm missing him more and more - Thursday would have been his birthday.
I would love to take back what happened, send everyone's pictures back in
April, and have just seen my dad while heading back east to DC for the best
fireworks show on earth.

PopShots Anniversary -

Today, July 4th, is one year since I put up the first few PopMart photos I
took at the LA show. What a year it's been. At the time, I would have
told you I was done with the tour unless some miracle presented itself for
Seattle. Instead, as many of you know, there were 11 more shows, a broken
leg, Australia, and a web site that sometime next week (at a maximum of
1,200 hits per visitor, if you see ALL of the phots) will pass 5 MILLION
hits. It encouraged me to start taking pictures of other artists, and now
with REM, Radiohead, Pearl Jam and others from the Tibetan Freedom Concert,
Tori Amos and BB King, I may be able to go look for work doing it, perhaps
even for the artists themselves. With the huge glaring exception of my
dad, it's been a hell of a year.

No more print orders -

Since I am not yet making a living that way, though, and I've still got so
much estate stuff to handle on top of that, I am going to have to stop
printing pictures for people, at least for the time being. Because I
couldn't have gotten to so many shows and gotten so many pictures without
the help of Wirelings, I'm offering one last printing for you. It will be
right around the 27th of July, the last Monday, so all snailmails have to
be here by then. After that, I will either have to raise the prices from
costs-only, or not offer them at all. If I do offer them, it will only be
once every few months, as time permits and I'm in town. (This also applies
to photos of all the other artists I've gotten recently.) (And unless my
mom dies suddenly too, everything will be mailed by August 1st.)

The site will remain up, though, so you'll always be able to drop by and
look at everything.

Email with any questions or requests.



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