I will make the Melbourne boot

The Fly ([email protected])
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 13:10:58 +1000

Hello!!! Human fly here!!!!

Wow, 2 messages in one day, I must be ill. Anyhoo, seeing there is a problem
with Danny Best right now, I don't have any opinion on the whole thing and I
won't comment on it.

If there is anyone who wants the Melbourne bootleg and hasn't been able to
contact Danny or has ordered the boot but hasn't recieved it, I'm willing to
make copies of the concert on cassette. I will include the cover that came
with the CD ( I was lucky to get my order in early and thus got the boot)
and include a printed setlist.

There is a catch though. So that I don't go into debt for this and end up
spending vast amounts on tapes, I need anyone who wants the concert to send
me two tapes (their choice, though Maxwells are preferred) or they can send
me another bootleg as a trade.

I know that Tim Both already offered to do just this a while back and I
don't know what came of it, but I'm offering you the concert and you can
take it or leave it. It may not be on CD and may not have fancy inserts but
it looks and sounds great, and that's what matters.

Drop me a line if you're interested.
The Fly

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