DAVID CARR ([email protected])
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 11:23:14 +0100

I was just using the oral sex thing as a reference to where in the book
this particular bit was. Like Staci said, it's the last three paragraphs
that are really interesting, especially the bit where Bono says that sex
with someone you're married to is not necessarily always the best sex (I
can't remember his exact words off the top of my head but that's the gist
of it). I want to believe he's an angel, I really do. As for whether it's
any of our business, well not really, but it would throw a whole new light
on some of his lyrics if he had been unfaithful. And while he quite
rightly wants to keep his private life to himself, he gives his music to us
and let's us interpret it in whatever way we will. At the end of the day,
whatever he chooses to reveal in his lyrics is really as much as he wants
us to know. I just wish he'd kept his mouth shut about 'Please' because I
was convinced the line 'your stick on tattoo' was a reference to Jordan's
tattoo and that made the whole song much more personal - then he tells us
it's actually about Northern Ireland!


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