word meaning in POP - 2

tony ([email protected])
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 17:28:56 +0200

i want to thank everyone who answered to my 'word meaning in POP - 1' message!!!

now i'm back again bothering Wire with my questions :)

1. in IGWSHA, do the words 'His mother dealing in a doorway' have somthing
to do with gambling?

2. in IGWSHA: i couldn't figure out what a 'begging bowl' is (same line as
no. 1)

3. in IGWSHA 'Jesus used to show me the score': the word 'score' has to do
with sport language or maybe with music language or what else?

for now, that's all

*** Tony's cd suggestion for this week:
        GIL SHAHAM - GORAN SOLLSCHER: PAGANINI FOR TWO - Nicoḷ Paganini: Works for
Violin and Guitar
                              1993 Deutsche Grammophon 437 837-2 ***

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