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Sun, 5 Jul 1998 10:36:45 -0700 (PDT)

Please enlighten me on this. I've seen tons of websites that offer
"promo" Cds for sale. The thing is that most of these promos have
exactly the same tracks as the regular singles or if not, they have
less. They are also priced so high. There even is one website that
auctions these promo CDs (E-bay). I just don't get it. It's
something like "let me charge 50% more while you listen to 50% less
music (coz promos have less songs)".

What exactly does "promo" mean? From my understanding, "promo" would
mean that they are advaced releases to the radio stations so that the
songs can be played. If that is so, I would have had expected promos
to be scarce (unless all the radio stations decide to sell these CDs
which is unlikely coz Island would never sned them promos again if
they find out that they sell it). But there seems to be an over
abundance of promos, thus, begging me to ask: is there another
definition of what a promo CD is aside from that I mentioned about t
being an advance copy for radio stations?

Why are they proced so high? Are there actually peple hwo buy these

One curious guy,


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