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[Pulled this off my Irish email news service--apologies if this repeats
old info! Only a fleeting U2/Bono mention, but just thought ye all
would want to be kept abreast of the lifestyles of the rich 'n' famous
in Ireland.... -- eaplatt]

News from the Wire Services Re: Ireland & the Irish

        Terrace House Sets Price Record

PA 06/30/98 13:17
Copyright 1998 PA News

  By Chris Parkin, PA News
   A new record price was set for a home in the Irish Republic
today -- by an end-of-terrace house.
   The property, at Dalkey, on the edge of Dublin Bay, went
after a 10-minute auction for IR 5.9 million, after a
contest between six bidders.
   The price was well over twice the old record of IR 2.3
million, paid for a house in the nearby Killiney district last
   The latest record was set by No 1, Sorrento Terrace,
Dalkey, a period home set in 1.5 acres of land leading
down to the sea, with views extending miles down the east
coast of Ireland, and described by the auctioneers as
"elegant and exceptional."
   Pre-auction indications had suggested the house would sell
for around IR 3 million, but afterwards property
trade sources pointed out that prices for home soared by up to
25% in some areas last year, and were being
matched during 1998.
   The Dalkey house was sold by a family that had lived there
for nearly half a century -- after buying it for around IR
7,000 -- to a lawyer acting for an unidentified bidder.
   Speculation ahead of the sale suggested showbusiness
figures would be interested in the seaside property.
   The area is already home to Bono of Ireland's U2 group,
film-maker Neil Jordan, singers Enya and Jim Kerr and
broadcaster Gloria Hunniford, as well as motor racing
personalities Damon Hill and Eddie Jordan.
   A second house in the same terrace is due to be sold next


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