Re: Re: MJ and U2

Karine Maucourt ([email protected])
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 14:05 +0200 (MET)

                                Hi U2 lovers !

        Just my thoughts about this. We all live in different worlds and as
an european, i'm very conscious of this. I mean, each european country has
its own artists and we know most of them never become famous all over the
world. Moreover, inside each country, we have people who listen only
rock/pop music, or only R.and B. music or only jazz, rap, classic, soul
music...Here in France, we listen very much to reggae and north-african
music as raļ music. I'd like to know how many people here on Wire know which
is raļ music... And do you know the most popular band in Latin America ? Not
sure it's the same band than in US or Europe or wherever. For instance, when
i went in Barcelona (Spain) for holidays in 93, i usually listened to the
spanish Top 10. Zooropa was number 2 :-)))) and can you guess who was the
number one ? It was a spanish band i've never heard before. And don't say
this is normal because only bands who sing in english can be international.
It's true but singing in english AND being very famous in his own music
isn't enough to be famous in every part of the musical world. BTW, U2
realized that we all live in different musical cultures because of Edge's
karaoke. Some english songs very famous in a part of the world were very
unknown in others parts.

        And do you know ? I'm a white person, however i discovered Bob
Marley some years before The Beatles !! And U2 even made me discover some
artists as Jimmy Hendrix or B.B. King. To me who listen very much english
rock music !! As U2fans we all share common love in U2 music, but it doesn't
mean at all we also love/like/listen to others common artists.

        In the name of love


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