attn. -Queen Bee - I think I found your pic!

Carissa Goisnard ([email protected])
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 07:34:50 +0900

 ... a really cool picie of Bono that you said cheered you up. It is
Rattle & Hum era, he is wearing a hat, a white shirt, and a black vest and
looking up, holding on to the hat and smiling.
--I think I've found the picture you were looking for! It was very cosmic
because I've never seen it before but just last night after I read the
digest I happened to be tooling around and I came across something that
sounds suspiciously like it might be the one. Woo-Hoo! The address is
 Is that it? Good luck!

Carissa Marie

The Lady With the Spinning Head

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