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Lilith ([email protected])
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 11:32:53 -0400

Just to enter the MJ/U2 "controversy" --

Being a white female who knew who Minnie Ripperton and Jeffrey Osborne
were ages ago, I mean back in the Seventies (In fact, most of my
favorite artists were black, the 70s is when they knew how to put out
_real_ sould & R&B, not that Keith Sweat whiny love-you-up crap that is
so popular today, yadda yadda yadda), I can't really relate to this
black music/white music separation thing. I always figured that black
people didn't have a large acquaintance with "white" music because so
much of it was, well, crap. (And so imitative of black artists anyway --
why get into the imitation when you can have the original?)

But anyway, BET _used_ to play the occasional white artist, and still
does, I think (I rarely watch TV these days, so I can't be sure). They
played the Blow Monkeys, since their music (mid-eighties flashback,
people), for one thing. (Speaking of white artists imitating "black"
musical genres.)

I don't understand why people live in their own little worlds myself,
but they all do it -- I'm sure even me. :) Mr. Jordan is just an
athlete, let's not forget -- that's hardly Einstein. Besides, he may not
even know who Puff Daddy is, let alone U2. Many celebrities don't have a
lot of free time to sit around soaking up culture, and anyway, the
reporter may have caught him in an off moment, when he was totally
focussed on something else and probably would have had trouble
recognizing his own mother's name if it was mentioned.

a celebrity in her own world.

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