Re: MJ and U2

Matt McGee ([email protected])
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 10:52:29 -0800

John wrote:
>If I chose some random black
>person on the street and asked them about U2, it wouldn't
>suprise me if they had no clue who U2 are. But this is
>Michael Jordan we are discussing. This is a person that
>should be immersed in all aspects of society.

Quite the contrary, John.

Superstars of Jordan's caliber are not immersed in all aspects of
society. Truth is, they are so far removed from mainstream society it's
sad. They can't go out in public, can't shop for themselves, can't go
watch a movie when they want, etc. (If you read Sports Illustrated, go
back about 6-8 issues for a great article detailing a week in the life of
the Bulls.) And they don't sit in their hotel rooms reading magazines and
watching TV news, either.

NBA players lead a lifestyle that none of us can understand. If you don't
believe me, get yourself media credentials and go back to the locker room
afterwards and just WATCH. It is a completely different world, as you
yourself said. I'd be shocked if 25% of pro athletes could tell you who
U2 is. The flip question is this: should U2 know who Mark McGwire is?
Barry Sanders? John Elway? I think not.

>Again, keep in mind my original point. I stated that I was surprised
>that MJ didn't know who U2 were in 1992 - not 1982.
>By 1992 U2 were SUPER exposed.

I think we're all a little guilty of overestimating U2's status in
everyday life, because they have such tremendous tstaus in our own
everyday lives. I know I'm guilty of it, and this is what I think you're
doing here.

If I'm the average U2 resident in 1992, and I stay abreast of world
events by reading my local newspaper and TIME magazine, and watching my
local TV news and maybe ABC World News Tonight, I would not have been
overexposed to U2. I may have seen or read a mention once or twice during
the entire calendar year, and that's it. Of course, if I'm the average
person, I prefer country music to rock n' roll, so I would've likely
skipped over that mention of U2 or tuned it out.

Just my $0.02, albeit somewhat late in the discussion. :-)


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